Who are we?

Clash! Exchange & Learning is a German-Dutch organization specialized in intercultural, international and educational exchanges. The goal of Clash’s! projects is to broaden the horizons of the participants and help them develop a greater consciousness for diversity, inclusivity and political citizenship. Following non-formal pedagogy and experiential learning, our most important teaching method is interaction. Through coming into contact with other people, the participants will learn about other (sub) cultures. This interaction is achieved by stimulating and creating an active and open dialogue between the participants, the leaders and the people of the city and country of the exchange.

While the small team at Clash! is made up of staff members from a variety of educational backgrounds and professional interests, we are united in our passion to broaden the horizons of youth of today and tomorrow. Our added value comes from international and multicultural experience. Our interests and passions are shared in the development and implementation of innovative non-formal learning methods.

In addition to building a program which meets the curriculum needs of your educational institution or the objectives of your organisation, we also know that participants of international exchanges need a good place to sleep and healthy, nourishing food. Our expertise includes finding suitable accommodation and providing appropriate dining or cooking options for each exchange.

While Clash! has had a busy eight years since our formation in Berlin, we are always interested in building new projects with educational institutions and non-profit organizations around the world. Should you be interested in doing a project with us, please contact us!


Dennis Fraters studied Pedagogical Sciences (Pedagogische Wetenschappen en Onderwijskunde) in Nijmegen and did his Masters in Social-Cultural Sciences (Agogische Wetenschappen), in Brussels, (Belgium) and wrote his master thesis about the success factors of sport projects, which are contributed to the integration of immigrants in the city of Amsterdam. In 2010 he founded Schoolclash eV and organized and supervised several exchange projects in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Kosovo and Serbia. Clash! Exchange & Learning is the offspring of a huge amount of passion and dedication to the passing on of inspiration and interest in history, culture and the arts. During the last seven years he worked on new interactive methods for non-formal learning in an urban context.

Niels Jansen studied social cultural work at SUMMA College Eindhoven and after completed his bachelor of Social Work at AP University in Antwerp. He wrote his bachelor thesis on the contribution of non-formal methods to intercultural dialogue, for the development of the teacher program: ‘intercultural dialogue in the classroom’. His first meeting with Clash! Exchange & Learning and Berlin was in 2014, where he participated in an exchange project with SUMMA College. This experience ensured that he eventually went back to Berlin, where he took an exchange course at the Alice Salomon Hochschule and shortly after completed his internship at Clash!. Within our organization Niels is busy with the preparation and execution of the various projects. In addition, he is busy looking for and maintaining partnerships with Berlin organizations.

Christopher Lewis studied Comparative Religion and Ancient Greek at Hanover College (Indiana) and Theology, European Identity and Dutch in Leuven (Belgium). His thesis was on the topic of secularisation theory and the dynamic between political structures and religion, particularly in Turkey. This academic interest brought him to Erzurum where he taught English at Ataturk Universitesi through the Turkish Fulbright Commission. In the Netherlands, he and his wife co-founded a music bookings and management company, COK Bookings, in Groningen and worked as a venue programmer and promoter for two years. He has lived in Berlin since 2017 and works as a freelancer for Clash! Exchange & Learning and organizes concerts and concert tours for musicians throughout Europe. Chris believes that by connecting young musicians from across the planet we can work to break the social-cultural and political boundaries which separate us and become active global citizens.