Schoolclash organizes internships in and fieldtrips to Berlin for students and teachers of VET education. During these projects they will get to know the German workfield and have the possibility to build up an international network. But they will also get to know Berlin, the German language and the culture. During their stay in Berlin various topics will be discussed, which fit within the four dimensions of Citizenship. The goal is to enlarge the students’ horizons, by confronting them with and making them aware of new situations. Because of the short-term project abroad, we try to motivate them for a longer stay abroad in the future. And of course a look into the area of expertise could provide the students and teachers with new ideas and working methods. Schoolclash takes care of the facility part (accommodation) of the trip and in collaboration with the teachers we put together a technical, cultural and social program fitting for the students. We guide the students and teachers during their stay in Berlin. The Schoolclash employees have a passion for creative and innovative teaching/learning methods and we will use that passion for the organisation and guiding of the projects. Due to the extensive network and experiences in Berlin, Schoolclash is able to offer a full program, adapted to the needs and wishes of the school and the students. Therefore we do not have a standard program, but in order to get an idea, Schoolclash has written out some examples of projects. 1509653_951446961562312_7054964760871421184_n

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