Transformers! is a two-week trainingprogram , in which 24 young people from six different cities meet in Berlin. They come from Amsterdam, Rabat, Istanbul, Cairo, Paris and Berlin. They are between 18 and 23 years old and live in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Inspired by the Arab Spring, they will experiment with new forms of political participation and citizenship in order to solve problems.

Goals of Transformers!

  • Encouraging young people, who feel that they have no access to the democratic process, to raise their voices and to make themselves heard.
  • Encouraging ambitious young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods to discover their own leadership potential and to take on their own leadership in their neighborhoods.
  • Providing skills for creative activism to young socia-economically disadvantaged people to address social problems and other people to turn to thus.
  • Bringing together young people from Europe with a North African immigrant background with peers from the North African countries to get together to find an appropriate form of social involvement.
  • Discovering new, appeared during the Arab Spring, forms of political participants by young people and testing of these forms in their own country.

For more information visit our website

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