Mirjana Kirchmaier wrote in cooperation with Schoolclash her bachelor thesis for the study Cultural Work at the University for applied sciences Potsdam about the theoretical and methodological approaches to discuss intercultural taboos, stereotypes and prejudices in the intercultural learning. These issues are showing up in intercultural organisations, like Schoolclash, but also in schools, youth clubs etc. This thesis gives an overview about different theories and methods and will be useful for teachers, youth leaders and intercultural workers. Interested? Read the research here. Abstract The following thesis is concerned with taboos, stereotypes and prejudice in intercultural youth work. The association Schoolclash e.V. organises international youth exchange programs and faces situations where different cultural and religious imprints of the participants lead to issues. To handle these issues professionally Schoolclash is in need of theoretical and methodological approaches towards the problems. Therefore this thesis adduces theoretical knowledge about for instance intercultural learning and findings from research like the contact hypothesis and the “Breitenbach Studie” as a basis for the work with taboos, stereotypes and prejudice. Subsequently concrete methods from the Anti-Bias approach and the “Toolbox Religion” are introduced. In order to prevent and deal with conflicting situations, finally conversation techniques like moderation, mediation and the Socratic method are suggested.

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Taboos, stereotypes and prejudices