We are searching youth workers from Turkey, Rumania, Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany for the ´Do the city´ Trainingsprogramme for non-formal education in an urban context from 15 till 22 october 2016 in Berlin The participants will learn, experience, discuss new methods and tools of non-formal learning in the city in order to interact with people in the city, and discover and discuss historical, social-cultural and political aspects of the city. We will focus on combining current social-cultural and political issues regarding the city, the country and international themes, which are tuned at the interests of the target group and will be the start point to discuss and discover the particular history of the city and its citizens (minorities). Goal is to collect best practices and success factors, by creating, experiencing and discussing different methods and tools. More information… 1920591_738366906203653_1972853511_n

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Searching youth leaders for Urban Education-project