Radio Mediterranée is a project with young people (between 18 and 25) from 5 different countries ( France, The Netherlands, Portugal, Morocco and Germany) and took place from 11 till 18 december in Tanger (Morocco). During this project, the young people from the different countries will exchange and discuss their experiences and the situations of the refugees in the different countries and will research the situation of the refugees in Morocco and in Tanger specifically.We will collect all the information and experiences in this week and we will work on a audio blog to transmit the informations to a bigger audience and to give refugees, but also the concerned actors the chance to share their experiences.

485488_153228341514620_1233040353_n In Tanger, mostly young refugees from the western sub-saharan region are waiting for their chance to make their jump to Europe. In Tanger, we work together with the social organisation Tabadoul, which is facilitating a lot of social projects with young refugees in Tanger. Radio Mediterranée is a project of Schoolclash eV in cooperation with Clube Intercultural Europeu (P), Peuple et Culture (F), Stichting Schoolclash (NL), Maroc Art´chimiste (Morocco).


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Radio Mediterranée