Dennis Fraters

Dennis Fraters (1983) studied pedagogical and educational science at the Radboud University Nijmegen (NL) and finished his masters in Social agogical sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (B). During his masters, he wrote about integration projects for youth with a migration background. Because of his interest in interculturality, he founded together with Jan Willem Koelewijn Schoolclash, to give young people the chance to broaden their horizon internationally and interculturally. Dennis is particularly interested in the development of new innovative methods to increase cultural sensitivity. Email:



Jan Willem Koelewijn

Jan Willem Koelewijn (1976) studied Social Work and Community Services (Cultureel maatschappelijke vorming) at the HAN (University for applied sciences) in Nijmegen with a major in Art education and worked in as educational employee in the Museum for contemporary art (Muhka) in Antwerpen. Finally, he moved to Berlin, attracted by the cultural diversity of the city. He worked as a social worker and organised cultural projects for children in in the multicultural neighbourhood Wedding. He founded Schoolclash together with Dennis Fraters and combined with this his passion for education and arts. Jan Willem is particularly interested in the development of creative non-formal methods to discuss social and political themes. Email:


Matthijs Geelen

Matthijs Geelen (1992) studied Cultural and Social Development at Avans University in Breda. During the study, he did an internship as a youth worker at ‘’Thuis op straat’’ in the multicultural neighborhood Hoge Vucht in Breda and at Tandem welfare in Wolfskuil / Waterkwartier , Nijmegen . In 2015 Matthijs has run an internship abroad at Schoolclash in Berlin. Berlin attracted him above all for it´s cultural diversity, it´s rich history and the rough street scape of the city. In 2016 he wrote his bachelor research for Schoolclash : How the method can be optimized within the projects of Schoolclash to the needs and wishes of MBO-schools and -students? Matthijs is particularly interested in empowering young people to step out of their comfort zone in Berlin. Email:


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