Schoolclash offers an intensive and inspiring program which provides musicians and music schools an urban landscape upon which to create new material and hone their expertise. By confronting Berlin’s rich intercultural background and contextualizing the city’s tumultuous history with today’s international politics, we encourage music students to not only perfect their craft, but to become active global citizens. 

Our interdisciplinary approach takes into account all aspects of musicianship: songwriting, entrepreneurship, instrument-specific master classes, performance, business deals, and event planning and promotion. Utilizing both informal and formal pedagogy, we work with your educational institution to provide a hand-tailored program uniquely suited to both your curriculum and more practical matters, such as accommodation and eating expenses.

Berlin offers a vast infrastructure of venues, DIY labels, and music lovers of all genres. The internationality of the city makes it an essential piece of the global music industry. By interacting with local musicians and promoters, your act can develop lasting relationships which could prove beneficial later in your career.

Interested in a project with us? Drop us a mail at and we’d be happy to discuss how to get your students to Berlin for a music project.