Schoolclash offers a five-day fieldtrip for highschool classes. During this trip, the students will get to know the present and the past of Berlin and they will have a exchange with a school in Berlin. Schoolclash uses interactive methods to teach the students about Berlin in the 20th century and link this history to nowadays topics. We also want to make the history as real as possible, through personal stories of Berliners and timewttnesses. Finally, we will also explore the present Berlin and discuss themes like street art, multiculturalism and the issue of refugees.

This exchange is intended for students from 15-18 years old of highschools in Europe. The exchange is ideal for students with the subjects art, German and / or history. There is place for a group up to 20 students of one country. To provide an optimally fitting program, we have no firm program. We will put together a program with a nice balance between exertion and relaxation, interesting assignments and group meetings with residents of Berlin. We have all sort of activities for any time of the day. Schoolclash is flexible and adapts to your needs and wishes.

What to expect from a Schoolclash week:

  • The City-Clash, where students need to link the history of famous monuments (for example Bebelplatz, Checkpoint Charlie, Holocaust Memorial) to topical themes.
  • A streetart-tour through Kreuzberg, the creative district of Berlin, followed by a street art workshop.
  • Visiting former Stasi-Prison Hohenschönhausen, with possibly a tour of an ex-convict.
  • A meeting with a Berliner, who has lived in the time of th GDR.
  • A visit to a school in Berlin and an exchange with the Berlin students.
  • A spectacular view of the city from the dome of the Reichstag.
  • Diner in some of the multicultural restaurants Berlin has to offer.
  • Exploring various ‘Berlin’ bars.


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