The European funding programme Erasmus+ is funding the development of learning partnerships. Different educational organisations will work a period of 24 months on a common theme and will develop a common product. erasmusplusz Stichting Schoolclash is organising the learning partnership ´Another education´ together with Interkulturelle Netzwerk (Neuruppin/Berlin) /D), Hundested Skole (Hundested/Copenhagen), DK) en Intercultural Life (Trasmulas/Granada)/E). Due to constant changes in society, we have to reconsider our ideas of education and learning. Scientist and pedagogues advocate for an adjustment of the educational structures and contents to the new conclusions in research and the changing society, caused by the globalisation. In the context of this discussion about a new learning culture in the educational workfield, non-formal learning and informal learning are coming more in the picture and are more valued. In this context, it is assumed, that education is occurring not just in formal processes, but more in non-formal and informal processes and that it is independant of a certain place or certain age (life long learning) The goal of the learning partnership is a new thinking about the concept of education, to research critically the formal and non-formal education and to decribe new innovative methods and ideas, which enables a new form of learning to adapt the challenges of the 21st century. The four participating organisation are working in the tension field of formal and non-formal learning, and express the need to learn further concepts and methods, which could disappear the borders of these traditionally divided educational fields. Besides the enlarging personal competences of the participants, we expect a change in the educational profile of the participating structures. The results of the learning proces and the descriptions of the treated concepts and methods, we will publicate on this website and in a handbook, free available for everyone. Four meetings will take place in the four countries (Spain, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands) of the participating organisations. For more information, visit the project website.

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