12 -23 July 2019:Exchange for professionals ´Cultural Heritage in Perspective´ in Berlin.

Schoolclash eV, together with our partners Stichting Schoolclash (Netherlands), Canakkale Youth Initiative (Turkey) and K.N.A.P. Hermes (Greece) initiates a project called Cultural Heritage in Perspective (CHiP). Cultural heritage is the legacy of physical artefacts (such as buildings, monuments, landscapes, books, works of art) and intangible attributes (such as folklore, traditions, language, and knowledge) of a group or society that is inherited from past generations. By promoting the equal dignity of all cultures, heritage can be used as a common ground for dialogue and mutual understanding. 

Cultural Heritage in Perspective (CHiP) is a youth-trainer program designed to provide young professionals in social cultural work/education with the necessary skillset to communicate these values. By creating an environment for people of different national, ethnic or religious backgrounds to interact with each other, the program will combine the arts as part of cultural heritage with pedagogical practises based on innovative non-formal learning methods. Through this combination, young professionals will gain a new perspective on the world by learning how to present the uniqueness of peoples and their communities while gaining a clearer understanding of how societies are indelibly interconnected.

During the programme, we will discuss, experience and evaluate different non-formal methods, in which the participants could use cultural heritage as a tool in their work in a multicultural context.

For whom?

The training is suitable for young professionals and students in the social-cultural work and/or education. We are searching for participants, living in Germany or the Netherlands.

Accommodation & board

The participants will sleep in a group accommodation in Berlin with 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-beds rooms. The accommodation has an own kitchen and seminar room. At some days, the participants will cook together, as food is also an important part of intangible cultural heritage. The other days, we will eat in a restaurant. 

The costs

The Youth Exchange is funded by the Erasmus + Youth Program. And is therefore free of charge for the participants.

This includes:

  • Accommodation in 4-, 6- or 8-bedrooms;
  • Program costs;
  • Food;

The travel costs are reimbursed up to a maximum of 275 Euro per person. 

Travel expenses will be reimbursed during the project. Additional travel insurance is mandatory (and is not reimbursed).

The participants are responsible for the organisation of the travel.

How to subscribe?

You can register using the registration form below before 15 June 2019.

May 16, 2019